Having fun with my presents !

Here are few pics to give you an idea of what I got for my 30 ! I am still not believe it !!!
A great black coat, a little like this one.

A new phone, because mine was broken !

A baby carrier ! As I am pregnant and wait my third baby for the beginning of november...

A reflex camera ! I have a ton of pages to read because there are so many fonctions !

A new card for my making memories Slice.

Is it not unbelievable??? Receiving all those presents was so emotion for me !
Have a nice day, I have to learn more about the camera, about how wearing my future baby, and about how I can call with my new phone... lol
Et voilà, vous avez ainsi une idée des cadeaux que j'ai eu le bonheur de recevoir pour mon anniversaire ! J'ai encore du mal à m'en remettre ! Bises à tous, et merci à ceux qui m'entourent et me comblent ainsi !


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